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Personal Advocacy: The tools you need on your leadership journey

September 26th, 8:00-10:00 am.

Veza Community is hosting a morning talk to equip you with the tools you need to advocate for yourself as you move up.

Being on the journey to leadership requires an understanding of who you are, how to advocate for yourself, and how to stand out for the next promotion.

How do you move up? What tools do you need? Moving up means standing in your own self-worth. It means asking for what you want and deserve as a salary. You need to understand how to be the best manager AND the best leader – which are two different things. You also need to establish a strong personal brand, so that people think of you when opportunities arise.

The topics covered include:

  • Understanding managing vs leading
  • Creating a strong personal brand
  • Negotiating your salary

We welcome you to join us.

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Monthly Goddess Masterminds

Join the collectives for women entrepreneurs interested in bringing their expertise to support each other’s success. With Manpreet’s coaching and virtual monthly meetings, this is a confidential growth space for women to learn valuable business skills without fear of judgement.

Monthly Masterminds with Wine

veza Masterminds with Wine are networking events for on-the-spot coaching, mentorships, and discussion on topics like:

  • Feminine and Masculine leadership
  • How to practice self care
  • Identifying imposter syndrome (and how culture influences it)

By emphasizing peer learning and networking, this becomes a space of magical transformation.

Trade Missions

veza Trade Missions are for women entrepreneurs and leaders ready to expand into the international markets, learn about importing and exporting, and collaborate with other organizations. Through coaching and workshops, women learn from one another and further their leadership skills.

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