At Veza Community,

we help culturally diverse women uncover their strengths through coaching and training so they can thrive as leaders.

Veza’s mission is to drive positive change by elevating women of culturally diverse backgrounds.

Veza’s core beliefs:

  1. Women are powerful leaders.
  2. Cultural diversity drives innovation.
  3. Support networks accelerate change.


  1. To have more culturally diverse women sitting at decision-making tables.
  2. To equip women with the tools they need for personal and professional growth.
  3. To create safe spaces for women to bond, grow, and connect.
  4. To build communities around important issues, like pay equity and self-love.

Why do we use the term culturally diverse? At Veza, we believe that our personal and professional barriers to success extend beyond our skin colour. They’re connected to our values, beliefs, and practices—all of which are rooted in our culture. We use the term to capture the interconnected nature of our challenges, speaking to women of colour, women of strong cultural upbringings, and women of both.

Community Contribution

Veza is an organization focused on creating social good. Even though everything that we do is focused on giving back, contributing the world being a better place and creating systemic change, Veza still has a few causes that are dear to our heart.

A proceed of revenues go toward supporting women farmers in Nepal and India in the areas of agriculture, empowerment, leadership and technology. This support is financial or through organizing workshops for these women.

Veza also provides donations to local events to support their mandates and reach a wider audience with their message.

An organization that our founder, Manpreet Dhillon started in keeping her brother’s legacy alive was Tka’s Eternal Life Society, which works to empower men and youth to have the inspiration and funds to play sports. This family run not for profit has been a cornerstone in ensuring that men are not left behind and they are supported in their journeys.